About me

Hello everyone,

This is cal from China , located in Guangzhou.  i am a freelancer English translator as well as sales in many lines like car bearing  /textile/ at present and if you need to purchase these  . you can contact me .

Before that, i have been work in other line , like usb cable , led , shoes , packaging bag. phone case. all those had made me more professional whenever having a communication on that .

cause of my job , i know more than translation itself , so if you are seeking a supplier in China or want to pay a visit to factory or Canton fair and so on . you can count on me .

for more efficient work , you can add me by wechat/whatsapp:0086 136 02412484 or email me at londeedcal@yahoo.com

Anticipating your inquiry for service.



大家好!我是广州的一名自由英语口译员-吴银(此地吴银三百两),在从事翻译之前,有做过很多方面的外贸业务员包括数据线,led灯,鞋,包装袋,手机壳。这些让我在相关领域的交流变得更加专业。如果你需要带客户参观工厂或者是陪同采购,欢迎前来咨询! 口语流利,经验丰富。有信心也有能力为您提供优质服务!



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